My Wonderland ( Lyrical Outburst 2 )

You lie all July on the deck trying to get a tan. I show you respect just trying to let you know I understand, and inside I’m just dying to hold your hand. You know, the subtle romantic advances. The stars are aligned so why not take chances. She who dances with wolves, find it easier to sift through the shit of bulls. Hope you know that I’m not on that, but I can see where your concern is at. But I’m not trying to, get a you, by some type of malice, just trying to show you my wonderland Alice. And I could be your Mad Hatter. Just want to fill your life with happiness and laughter and maybe fulfill your happily ever after. But no promises. And no trix, cause I know that’s for the kids, but I is in the biz, of putting smiles on, women’s faces for miles long. If I could sing I’d sing you a song, telling you how I think we belong, in the same circle. Don’t think I’m your typical Urkle. Just like I don’t think you’re just a pretty girl. And I know it’s not easy to let me in your world. You’ve built up a wall like the Great Wall of China, and most are trying knock it down before trying to find the, reason why you’ve built it in the first place, or those others who try to get around it on the first date. Well I know we have to build sturdy foundations, before we can have relations, so this is what’s about to go down. Let’s forget about the future and get to know each other now.

-SyRius DCNE